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The dreaded writers block, we’ve all been there. Staring blankly at our screen just hoping, praying that the post will write itself and you can move on from it… But what if there was a chance that you could avoid writers block permanently?

Well, help is here. This article will inform you of 5 of the best ways in which you can make sure your content will always be up to the incredible standards that you aspire to reach.

Creative Brainstorming

Ideas rarely come to fruition by just sitting around and waiting for one, you need to think about what you want to talk about to start with. There’s many questions you can ask yourself such as “what is my main goal?” or “what is the most interesting thing about my blog?” it could be that you run a gardening blog, something you could talk about would be the wildlife found in gardens, it might not be the main focus of your blog but wildlife is a huge talking point amongst people and by incorporating that into your blog you’ve found yourself two big points of interest.

Before you start with a blog post though, you need to brainstorm your ideas. This can be on your own or in a group, being in a group helps a lot more as more people can give you different angles on your blogs content that you hadn’t thought of before. Think of every possibility no matter how small the link is; having too many ideas is a lot better than having too few ideas. Pick the ones that you think are the best and run with them, you never who could take an interest and how far that interest could go.

Intriguing content

Now you’ve mapped out a content plan, it’s time to put it into action. Every post starts with its point. You need to ask yourself “what is my blog post even about?” it could be about anything, depending on whether you have a blog focused on a niche subject or whether it’s just about your day to day life, there’s always a person who will take an interest. But your content has to be written to thrill.

Nobody wants to read a post that says “and then I… and after that I… soon I…” it’s just not engaging, you need to think about how you’re coming across to the people sat ready to find out about what it is you’re so passionate about, the biggest way to test how engaging your content is, is to have someone or a few people proof read it before hand, that way you can get some feedback about your post and see where you can maybe make some changes to get better engagement. You should also question yourself on if the way you were portraying the information was on another article, would you read it until the end?

Inverted pyramid

Now it doesn’t matter how good you make your content, no matter what not everybody is going to stick around to read the whole thing through. People are different and they all have different attention spans. This is where the Inverted Pyramid comes into effect for you. The inverted pyramid is a technique coined by Journalists around the end of the 19th century, when the telegraph was adopted worldwide. There was a new method to writing as opposed to the old system, which was more or less always starting with clichés such as “once upon a time” and ending with “and they lived happily ever after”.

This new method consisted of focusing on giving the primary information about the article first, so people knew what had happened right away. The further down the article they got, the more information they were presented with. This method is so effective due to the fact that people can be lazy, we usually only want to read the basics of what the headline says and then we’ve had enough. By giving all the facts at the start, it presents them with the information they need right away and gives them a basic outline of what you’re bringing to the table for them. From this point, the rest is up to them on whether or not they read further. But, if your content is written in an intriguing way then the turnout should be more rewarding than it is painful.

Piggyback onto trends

Every day the Internet churns out plenty of new viral stories, meaning a new opportunity to gain a little recognition from it. But be careful about your selection, it makes no sense if you run a gaming blog to write about Sea World because you’re attracting a one off audience that won’t stick around. You want to make sure it’s still related to the rest of your content because then those that come to read about this trend will more than likely stick around to read what else you’ve got to say. Do your research and find which trends are most popular and most related to you and your content.

Whilst I said you shouldn’t use completely unrelated topics, you should also be clever about what you should and shouldn’t use. If you find a way to make a connection to your content then go for it! There’s nothing wrong with spiking interest in your blog using different techniques as long as it’s related, you should always think about the long game plan and where your blog can go to rather than getting a quick fix and attracting people interested in just the one post.

Search your competitors

There’s nothing wrong with a little inspiration, just as long as that inspiration doesn’t turn into plagiarism. The internet is full of great ideas that can give you plenty of help in coming up with your own, look at blogs from leaders in your businesses market. What are they talking about and how can you emulate something similar for your blog? If an idea works for someone else then there’s no problem with it working for you.

Just make sure you avoid copying it word for word, Google will notice the duplicate content and due to Google prioritising original content, it’ll affect your ranking on the SERP’s. Google has always been very user-centric, wanting to give them the best content from the best source as fast as possible for their users. That’s why it’s lasted so long and why it dominates the other search engines. It could even result in your website being hit by a Google penalty, which won’t be recoverable until the time that Google rolls out another update to their algorithm. In short, borrow ideas and don’t steal them.


By the end of all these techniques, you should have yourself a well-oiled machine churning out blog post after blog post that’s so packed with informative and concise content, real time events in a layout that suits all kinds of readers. The more often you post to the best of your abilities with focus on these techniques, the more your blogs popularity will increase which ultimately must be your final goal.

Dan Pala

Dan P

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