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This week we received the news that Ixis developer Josh has earned the credential - Acquia Certified Developer in Drupal 8. Josh, who is currently shortlisted for the Little Chip Apprentice award at this years Big Chip Award ceremony, continues to receive the plaudits he deserves and this certification is further reward for all the hard work he continues to put into his time here at Ixis.

Josh passed the multiple choice exam with flying colours, using his time building up to the exam to revise and cement his already existing Drupal knowledge in preparation for the test. There were plenty of resources at his disposal including plenty of information from people who had previously taken the test which meant Josh entered into it fully prepared.

Josh's Certificate

What's next for Josh?

Having moved from the Ixis support team into a development role earlier this year, this certification has only served to vindicate that decision. Now he continues with his apprenticeship studies and will take another exam soon regarding the “Software Development Lifecycle” as part of his Level 4 Software Development course. No doubt he will likely succeed with both of those pursuits.

Josh, Developer at Ixis

“The exam proved to be an exciting challenge that I was looking forward too. It provided me with further belief in my own abilities and was an opportunity to continue improving my own skills.”

Paul Byrne, Development Manager at Ixis

“One of the benefits we’re finding from doing the Acquia certification is to help identify gaps in the teams knowledge which can help us focus on improving the team as whole.”

We suggest keeping an eye out in the coming weeks for more news detailing Josh’s success, as he will hopefully take home the Little Chip apprentice/placement award at the Big Chip Awards. We wish him luck and will be keeping our fingers crossed for Josh.

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