Another Drupal Certified Developer: How it benefits our clients

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We’re brimming with brilliant news to share recently & our successes continue...

Our Development Manager, Paul Byrne, has recently passed his Acquia Certified Developer - Drupal 8 exam!

The Certification?

Paul is our development manager, he works with our development team to keep things on track.

His role tends to include both managerial and technical work. Leading and supporting the team where needed but also getting his hands dirty with development work too.

When I asked him about how he’ll benefit from having this certificate under his belt, he said:
‘As I move further into team and project management, this certification provides assurance that I still have the general technical expertise as a Drupal 8 developer to be able to support the team. This can be when formulating solutions, overcoming technical challenges or to provide a level of QA and peer review checks.’ 

He also passed his exam for Drupal 7 back in 2017, so this is the next step in his Drupal certification journey!

From this exam, he took time to revise areas on and read up on key areas of Drupal 8 he knew his knowledge needed a refresh on. Areas such as the caching system and frontend templating and theming. 

I now feel more confident should my role need to shift back into doing more development work in addition to management and QA-ing my teams work!

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Paul Byrne
Development Manager

What does it mean for our clients?

Choosing a technical agency to work with, no matter what the project may be, can’t be left down to a quick flick through page 1 on Google?

You take time to research your impending investment, making sure it right for your needs otherwise it’s your head on the chopping block. 

Our whole work ethic is based around websites being about people, not just an online presence. 

Working to develop our teams’ skills is an essential part of training, to provide the best level of service to every client we work with. It’s important to be able to have the skillset clients can rely on. 

Alongside our even more advanced specialists in the team who have achieved the ultimate title of  Drupal 8 Grandmasters - Paul Jones and Andy Rigby - our clients have the highest level of technical experts, both within Ixis and the country, working on their sites daily. 

Our team have a whole host of Acquia certificates across our departments & the grind to achieve more doesn't stop!

It means that I can act as both a team manager and a senior Drupal developer when a project (or the available resources) requires it.

Paul Byrne
Paul Byrne
Development Manager

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