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Starting work at Ixis meant the world of Drupal opening up in front of me for the first time! I am no stranger to IT Security or Penetration Testing environments but the world of Drupal was full of new words and acronyms, none more alarming than Drupalgeddon which seemed to be in every sentence and some sort of world ending event.

Coming from a background in Account Management for over 15 years, my role at Ixis is to manage the client portfolio which is ever expanding with new clients and Drupal work. I will also be updating the company website, hence the blog. So actually working with a Drupal website will be exciting, although it's no development work. This I will leave to our experts.

There are a number of significant differences I have noticed working within the Drupal community for this amount of time compared to other industries; firstly it truly is a community, with developers assisting other developers outside of the company, clients passing on advice to what could be considered competitors and Drupal agencies working together for the sake of the client. Furthermore the people who work with Drupal have dedicated so much of their own time and effort to make Drupal their own and to share this across the world.

The team here at Ixis are close knit bunch of Drupal enthusiasts and have a passion for what they do. This enthusiasm is passed on to anyone working here, so much so I now find myself browsing the internet and checking what CMS each website is built with, who is hosting them and what software they are running! I think Drupal gets in your blood and becomes a part of your life both in and outside of work, I think the term for this is Drupalized!


Ben N

Client Account Manager

With over 15 years in sales and customer care across networking, telecoms, software, security and professional services and having managed many multi year large corporate contracts including project management, scoping and resourcing of the projects I am the key client contact at Ixis.

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