Becoming the UK’s Largest Independent Drupal Agency

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The news is finally out!

We’re pleased to announce that after an unforgettable 2020 for all, we've found our silver lining! 

On the 23rd of December, we joined a group of amazing, well-rounded businesses. 

We are now part of a dedicated team who use their skills in digital strategy, technical support, and integrated marketing to create powerful and effective experiences.

Joining CTI means we’re now the largest independent Drupal agency in the UK!

Joining CTI strengthens our positioning by bringing data, creative, marketing, eCommerce and usability labs into the mix.

Mike Carter at Ixis
Mike Carter
Managing Director at Ixis

What it means to you as a client:

You will have opportunities to open new doors from the other agencies in our group. 

Giving you peace of mind that you’ll receive the same level of quality and care from our new colleagues as you get from us.

This exciting adventure means we have new services to offer you, using experts in their field. These services will enable you to get your website and digital efforts working smarter towards achieving your marketing objectives.

The services we provide, at Ixis, will stay the same and we’ll continue to support and work on your website and web applications. 

Our aim will continue to be, as it always has, to make websites easy, profitable, and people orientated. 

We’ll continue to work in the same way, with our Founder and MD, Mike, leading our team. We’re still an independent agency, but we now work as part of a larger, well-oiled machine in the form of the five digital powerhouse brands below.

mike, nick and paul on a skype call.

The Digital Powerhouse:

Within our group, we have the honour of working alongside a number of other awesome agencies.

CTI Digital:

The chair of our digital powerhouse. 

Their team runs a full-service digital agency, working across all areas of digital experience for their clients' needs. Working with some huge names, CTI Digital creates flexible solutions for a variety of industries from aircraft carriers to roller coasters. 

They’re in the driver's seat of this incredible team and have been pushing boundaries since 2003. We’re excited to see what they bring to the table in helping us to grow and creating a successful future in this partnership. 


The Nublue team are dedicated to working in eCommerce to provide the best online shopping experience for customers to enjoy and manage with ease. 

They have produced and hosted hundreds of online stores that are both beautiful and reliable using platforms such as Magento, ShopWare and Shopify.


Stardotstar is a design agency who work to produce innovative, fresh designs and content strategies to businesses of many different spectrums.

They balance business wants with users needs.

They’ve worked on some outstanding projects with clients like the BBC, Channel 4, the Royal Navy and a long list of others.


The Manchester-based award-winning commerce agency, Supercharged, is another big part of the digital powerhouse CTI has built.

They bring big commerce ideas to life for clients, using leading software to create brilliant and beautiful solutions across their clients’ sites.

From product management to one-page checkouts, their experts combine all the features of digital marketing and e-commerce features needed to be the best on the market and outweigh the competition. 

ctidigital and Ixis logo

& then there's us!

We have joined to bring our expertise in supporting and developing websites and web applications. We have a strong record of long-term clients who we provide both proactive and reactive support for.

Our team of highly skilled developers and hosting experts will bring our web and hosting support knowledge to the table. 

We’re now one of the largest independent Drupal agencies in the UK and with two Drupal Grandmasters also under our belt, we’re ready to see what teaming up with such influential businesses will bring 2021. 

We see from pre, and what will eventually be post-Covid, that both our clients are looking for a cohesive digital experience which as a part of this new group, we can achieve.
Mike Carter
Managing Director at Ixis

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