18 - May - 2016

British Council win RealIT Award 2016 for Infrastructure as an Enabler

Post by Mike C
Ixis Service

Members of the British Council Digital team were delighted to receive the RITA2016 award last Thursday for the huge change in IT cloud infrastructure that Ixis delivered in the summer of 2015.

The award for "Infrastructure as an Enabler" reflected the innovative change in the way the British Council undertook their hosting requirement for the initial 120 sites operating in over 100 countries across the globe and delivering a clear business benefit. Moving away from dedicated infrastructure to virtual containers provided the ability to tightly control and guarantee server resources to an individual site and a quick and easy way to duplicate an environment for QA, testing, staging and feature branch development.

Ixis partnered with Drupal container expert Platform.sh to provide the underlying infrastructure and API. We've published further detail on our integration as a case study.

RealIT Award

Congratulations also go another of our clients: Westminster City Council, for their award and further two highly commended positions in this years awards.

Photo courtesy of Chaudhry Javed Iqbal on Twitter.

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