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 So here we are, December 1st already.

This quarter has whizzed by, and it only feels like last week we were at Drupalcon London enjoying the great british weather and the aftermath of the riots.  Its been a busy few months here at Ixis, as we have seen a raft of new hosting and support clients come on board as more Drupal users look to procure services from our reliable team. 

There has been a boom in interest in our cloud based services and we have expanded the team to meet this demand, with the addition of Gary W and Paul J.  We are almost fit to burst here at the office (and they wont let me get rid of the pool table to make space) so it looks like an office move might be on the cards in the new year.

I don’t quite feel like the newbie anymore with the addition of the new team members and we will all be sorry to see Mark D leave next week when he returns to Ireland. 

The next few weeks will keep me busy as we see the launch of new sites and upgrades to Drupal 7 we are working on before the Christmas break, so I'll see you on the other side and look forward to a Drupal-tastic 2012.  Happy Christmas!

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