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Digital marketing, is it magic or is it a science?

It has now been 8 weeks since Andrew Jones (Drew) joined Ixis on a 12 month apprenticeship and he has fitted into the team like he has been here for years. Based out of our Manchester space Drew’s primary objective is to increase the digital presence of Ixis using our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin).

You can expect to see some interesting and thought provoking social media content as well as a mixture of technical and non-technical blog posts being delivered over the next 12 months and we would welcome comments and interactions on them, should you find them interesting.

It’s not all about thought provoking blogs and social media content though. Drew will also be working on our ad campaigns and managing our pay per click ads as well.

Aside from his passion for all things marketing Drew also loves his stand-up comedy and regularly performs at open mic nights in Manchester. I would suspect some of his comedic wit may end up in some of the content he produces!

There will be more from Drew over the next few months and a greater increase in the social media presence of Ixis (if you haven’t already noticed during the last 8 weeks).


Ben N

Client Account Manager

With over 15 years in sales and customer care across networking, telecoms, software, security and professional services and having managed many multi year large corporate contracts including project management, scoping and resourcing of the projects I am the key client contact at Ixis.

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