02 - October - 2018

Digital Outcomes and Specialists success for Ixis

Post by Drew J
Ixis Service

Ixis have once again been successful in our application for the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework. As a result, you can now find Ixis on the government's Digital Marketplace where version 3 went live on the 1st of October.

What is Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3?

Digital Outcomes and Specialists helps the public sector to find suppliers that can research, design, build, test and deliver software applications and digital services. Since its launch at the end of April 2016, over 1,850 opportunities for suppliers to do business with the public sector, have been published on the Digital Marketplace.

What does this mean for Ixis?

Thanks to our successful application this further enhances our opportunities to continue our mission, promoting open source within the public sector, a sector we have had considerable success in providing open source based digital services in previously.

Our successful application shows that our continued success in providing open source based digital services to the public sector is being recognised and thanks to this we hope it can continue.

Mike Carter
Managing Director at Ixis

Drew J

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Apprentice here at Ixis. I am responsible for all of the Ixis social media channels, often the writer of blog posts and forever trying to wrap my head around SEO.


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