Drupal 10 - Everything You Need to Know

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Drupal 10 - yes, you read right; it's finally here.

We've previously written about whether it's time to move to Drupal 10. While the release was teased for so long, and the Drupal community hoping for a June 2022 release. It was officially released in December 2022. 

With the release of Drupal 10, marketers and website owners can look forward to a host of new features and functionality improvements that will make it easier to create and manage content, improve SEO, and drive conversions. 

Throughout this blog, we'll look at some of the key benefits of Drupal 10 for marketers and website managers.

Improved Text Editor

 Drupal 10 - Everything you need to know
Image Source: CKEditor.com - https://ckeditor.com/blog/drupal-and-ckeditor-taking-content-editing-to-the-next-level/image01.png

Drupal 10 brings an upgraded What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) text editor moving from CKEditor 4 to CKEditor 5. This upgrade comes with a lighter, fresher look with improved icons and toolbar items. The philosophy behind the new text editor is to make your life easier as a content editor. Media widgets and tables have designated menu bars that enable faster tweaks and changes without fumbling around for the correct icon.

A Sleek Backend Admin Theme

 Drupal 10 - Everything you need to know
Image source: Drupal.org Claro - https://www.drupal.org/files/claro_node_add.png 

In Drupal 10, you'll experience Claro - the sleek backend admin theme. While this has been around since Drupal 8 and Drupal 9, those who have held out during the extension of Drupal 7's end-of-life won't have had the pleasure.

Claro offers a significant upgrade in user experience and makes Drupal look like a modern product. It replaces the outdated "Seven" admin theme from Drupal 7 and is a refreshing change for those who spend a lot of time editing in the backend. 

For those who want to take it a step further, the team behind Claro have also created an admin sub-theme called "Gin", which features even more modern and advanced features not yet included in Drupal core.

Layout Builder

 Drupal 10 - Everything you need to know
 Drupal 10 - Everything you need to know

Similarly to Claro, the layout builder may not be new if you’ve previously used Drupal 8 or 9.

The Layout Builder module enables content creators and site administrators to tweak the layout of a page using a drag-and-drop style user interface. You can use this new module to customise the layout of a single page or to create a set layout template for specific types of content. 

Improved Media Management

How images, videos and other media assets are managed has been overhauled. It’s now easier than ever to upload, manage and reuse your media file. Within this module (which again, came along from Drupal 8), is the new media library which makes it easier to find and use your assets.

Ease From Day One

 Drupal 10 - Everything you need to know
Image source: DriesNote DrupalCon Global

For a bit of background, a UX survey conducted at DrupalCon Amsterdam in 2019 revealed that while beginners found Drupal difficult to use, more proficient users had a positive experience with it. A contrast to other popular CMS platforms where approval ratings declined as users became more advanced. As a result, an initiative was proposed at DrupalCon 2020 to focus on improving Drupal's user experience for new users.

This new initiative bundles the layout builder, Claro admin theme and media together as a far more user-friendly package for beginner and novice users. These modules in Drupal 10 have been considered stable enough to be turned on by default so marketers and website managers no longer need to request this.

New Content Moderation System

Moderating content can be a complicated process if not done correctly. Drupal 10 introduces a new content moderation system which makes managing content easier. This new system allows you to create and manage content moderation workflows through their new system and content revisions user interface.

Improved Performance

As with any upgraded CMS, there have been some performance enhancements to make your website run faster and smoother. Many changes have been made with the most significant being a switch to a new database driver which is said to improve performance by up to 20%. 

Enhanced Security

There are a few security improvements that Drupal have made to keep your site secure. A notable enhancement is the inclusion of a new security report which identifies potential security vulnerabilities on your website. Other improvements include better password hashing and a new setting which prevents clickjacking attacks.

Looking to upgrade your website to Drupal 10? As an agency with dedicated Drupal developers with extensive experience, you can trust that your website upgrade is in safe hands. Contact our team today to chat more about your specific website needs. 

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