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On the 21st-22nd of May Leeds will be hosting the Drupal 7 Camp.

I'll be representing Ixis at the Camp. I'm hoping to be presenting about our internal Development/Deployment processes and possibly providing an introduction to Drupal 7 module development. Expect a full blog post on both presentations after the event.

The camp is a great opportunity to mix with other Drupal developers and people from the industry. If your around feel free to come and say hi.

With the promise of 144 pints of locally brewed beer it promises to be a great event.

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Drupal7Camp will offer sessions and presentations at a range of levels specifically about Drupal 7 development, performance and theming topics.
It will take place on May 21-22 2011 at Old broadcasting House in Leeds.
This weekend provides a great opportunity to get up to speed with what's new in 7. At the same time there's a Drupal Camp taking place in Edinburgh so we're billing the two as 'Britain does Drupal'. Depending on how the two camps' programmes develop we may well also share some sessions or speakers so you don't miss out.

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