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So another Drupal Camp is over, but we are still buzzing from the energy, enthusiasm and quality of sessions we all attended over the weekend.

I was lucky enough to attend the business day that preceded the weekend, and was treated to some quality insights from speakers from MTV, Oxfam and Capgemini along with a fascinating talk from Mark Taylor of Sirius.


Mark is a highly respected member of the Open Source community and a strong advocate of Drupal who remarked that the “Drupal community are exemplary and have the professionalism required to crack the public sector open source spend.” With over £20 billion spent on public sector IT (more than the UK spends on Wales and three times as much as we spend on the Army) there are significant contracts available for us to bid for.


This was the perfect presentation for me, as my weekend session was focused on the opportunities for Drupal in the public sector, where I provided an overview of the contracts on offer and the G Cloud framework. I am passionate about building a strong Drupal supplier list on the G Cloud and for us all to maximise the opportunity to showcase Drupal as the leading OS CMS.


I also benefited from Rachel Lawson's talk on Agile Project management which helped to inform our current thinking on embedding agile methodologies into our development processes.


We were all treated to Mike B's Cache all the Things presentation, which showcased the benefits of caching and some of the tools you can use to ensure that you have a fast site.  You can watch the video of the presentation here, credit to Stefan van Hooft.

Stefan also filmed vox pops of delegates and I managed to grab some air time to discuss why Drupal Camp London was important for me, watch the result here


There were some great technical sessions from Stew Robinson on development practises using Git and the tools required. Joe Baker presented a great session on Vagrant something which we at Ixis have been using for a while now.


The saturday event was perfectly rounded off with a social to catch up with old friends and new. It was great to see so many new faces at the camp and the younger generation coming up behind us. Most of us were sensible as we had an early start first thing for day 2 of sessions and sprints!


There were announcements for forthcoming Drupal Camps in Glasgow and Slovenia too.  


This has got us thinking seriously about organising Drupal Camp North West 2013 – who's in?





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