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Being a Grandmaster sounds really cool. Especially because it’s unlikely I’ll ever achieve such a title - not without a career switch anyway.

Our development team, like me, enjoy the title that comes from attaining their Acquia developer certifications. Although they take great pleasure in being a Grandmaster, it isn’t the only reason they spend hours and days revising for each exam.

Our Senior Developers, Andy Rigby and Paul Jones, have both recently passed their final exams and have been given this extra cool title just before Christmas.

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The Drupal 8 Grandmaster award requires years of work and exams to achieve.

What makes this title really exciting is that, at the time of writing, in the UK, there are only 21 people who can claim it - and we have two of them! 

When we spoke to the guys about how the qualification will benefit them in their work, Andy said ‘It means there are no dark corners, to get the full qualification there’s no room for skipping over parts or missing them out. It means you come away with a broader and fuller knowledge of Drupal 8’ 

Paul added ‘It means I can be confident that I'm using all of the right approaches and best practises when developing Drupal 8 sites. I've been working with Drupal 8 since before it was released back in 2015, but it's good to confirm that I'm doing things right. This means I can be sure that any suggestions or recommendations I'm making to our clients are the right ones.’

A team with these additional skills makes the services we provide more reliable and professional for our clients. Andy said he’s definitely learnt more about the niche areas in Drupal 8 since revising for his exams.

A Grandmaster is a Drupalist who has demonstrated advanced Drupal expertise by successfully achieving certification in the Acquia Certified Developer, Acquia Certified Back End Specialist and Acquia Certified Front End Specialist exams.


Having these qualifications enables Paul and Andy to be on a very exclusive list of just over 20 people in the UK to have this certification. Paul told us that for him personally ‘the 3 exams are a great confidence boost. Seeing my name on the list of grandmasters is a good feeling, especially because there's less than 500 worldwide, across all Drupal versions.’ 

Drupal continues to develop and grow, just last year Drupal 9 was released for it’s users to update their platforms too. 

With continuous improvement comes perfection and that's what our team is dedicated to providing for our clients! 

Andy and Paul both told us they took a few days before each exam to properly prepare themselves to make sure they had no dark areas in their knowledge. 

We’re over the moon for our senior developers ending a not-so-fantastic year on such a high note! 

Paul Jones and Andy Rigby with the GrandMaster badge

Our clients continue to have some of the highest skilled developers in the UK working on their site and providing amazing service.

We’re excited to see them putting their new knowledge into action and hopefully see some of our other team members joining them in the future. 

If you’d like some of the UK’s most qualified and skilled developers supporting your Drupal website, get in touch.

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