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Ixis are delighted to be attending the forthcoming DrupalCamp in London on 2nd and 3rd March and are giddy with anticipation already.

Following on from the huge success of our DrupalCamp North West that NWDUG hosted in November 2012, we secured our tickets from the off, keen to get involved.


Fortunately, Mike B and I have been lucky enough to have our sessions accepted onto the schedule too.


I will be speaking on Saturday 2nd at 2.45pm on how to maximise Drupal opportunities within the Public Sector. Key topics for discussion will be ways to secure and successfully deliver business for Public Sector clients, understanding what to plan for and what common issues come up in a project.


I will be sharing my learning from public sector contracts from an agency side as well from the client side, having worked on both sides and will also provide an overview of the G Cloud Procurement framework, the benefits of being on it or working with G Cloud agencies. This session is suitable for all, and will consider freelancers, small shops and larger agencies.


To see more about my campaign on building confidence in open source within the Public Sector take a look at the public sector section on the site


On the Development and Deployment track, Mike B will be speaking on Caching tools and tips providing a guide to caching sites. This session is perfect for developers who have ever had a slow site or a site that buckles under a few concurrent users. The presentation will cover Generic caching, Varnish & Memcache, 3rd Party Caching Services, CDNs, Debugging. This is a great introduction to understanding what can be cached and how to cache it and was road tested at a recent NWDUG meeting.


There is a waiting list for those who didn’t get tickets in time on the Drupal Camp London site.


We hope to see some of you there next weekend!


If you are interested in learning more about Drupal, why not take advantage of the training being provided on Friday 1st March 'Introduction to Drupal for Developers'



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