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Next month sees the first Drupalcamp event being held at the BBC New Broadcasting House building on Oxford Road, Manchester. Perfectly located with in walking distance to train, bus, tram networks, as well as drinking establishments at the end of the day.

The weekend event spans the second week of June '09, so should be accessible to enough new and seasoned Drupal users and developers to visit. It's being organised by members of NWDUG - the North West Drupal User Group.

The format of a "camp" is based on a user generated conference — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

There is a plan to provide USB sticks with Acquia's DAMP stack pre-installed to allow everyone to get up and running with Drupal on their laptop during the event.

Ixis staff will be attending, and we hope to meet with fellow developers and clients on June 13th - 14th 2009 (view upcoming.org event details).


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Looking forward to it - see you all there!


That sounds like fun. I wish I had been there. Thanks for the update.


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