10 - June - 2009

Drupalcamp schwag - Drupal stress balls

Post by Chris H
Ixis Service

For the upcoming DrupalCamp UK we have designed some stress balls in the shape of the Druplicon to give away to all attendees.

They turned up today just in time for the 'camp, so we thought we'd share some action shots as the little Druplicons invaded the Ixis office and servers. For those unable to attend DrupalCamp UK we'll send out your very own Druplicon to the first 5 people to shoot us a message via the contact form with their name and postal address.

Feedback appreciated, and we'll see (some of) you at DrupalCamp Manchester this coming weekend!

Picture of Chris H

Chris H

Commercial Director


OMG. Give me.


Wow those are way cool. Great idea!

Can't wait to get my hands on one. See you at DrupalCampUK!


heh, awesome!

Stephen Mount

Great idea makes a change from the usual boring stuff and everyone loves a freebie.




I want one!

Can't fly out to UK for the camp though :(

Dustin Currie
5119 Junius #8
Dallas TX

Dustin Currie

Holy crap...that is awesome! Can't attend DrupalCampUK as sadly, I live in the US. If you consider sending any extras out to anyone, please let me know!


Not sure why my name didn't make it into the comment, but this is me. :)

Dave Reid

In reply to by Visitor

Oh, SO stunning.

Can I haz a catbox full of stressballz pls? :-)

Jay Batson

+1 if you could get me one in the post also Thanks xD

Roger Stevens

Thanks for the squidgy drupalicon at Drupalcamp UK


Hello there, these are too cool! Can we have one???? And otherwise we will bump into you the next Drupalcon :) many greetings!

Mirjam Schouten

Would love to buy 6 of these for the guys in the office. Any chance you'll have them for sale?

Codi Lechasseur

Very cool. Nice photo compositions too :)

Lisa Rex

Do you send 'em all the way to Finland?

In that case, please send them to:

KSF Media Ab
c/o Miika Mäkäräinen
P.O. Box 217
Mannerheimintie 18
FIn-00101 Helsinki

Miika Mäkäräinen


I'd buy 3-5.
Let me know if you sell them to Canada.


Please please please, can you send us some of these stress balls. We need them!


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