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We are looking forward to supporting this weekends Drupal Camp Yorkshire being held in Leeds at the Electric Press.  

Whilst a number of the community are meeting up next week at DrupalCon Austin, the Yorkshire contingent will be gathering to share knowledge and enjoy a few beers too.  There will even be a live link up with Austin on Saturday as Alex Burrows delivers his talk on Panels at 16.30 GMT.  

I am particularly looking forward to hearing more about Drupal 8 and how the community are preparing for its release.  

I will be speaking on Saturday at 11am on sales and marketing tips for drupal businesses, sharing top tips and ideas for maximising a small marketing budget.

I will also be on a recruitment drive for developers and site builders, so if you are looking for a new challenge, give me a shout or contact us via the online form.  

Big thanks to Pete McClory and the team at Curve for organising this, I know how much work goes into organising camps!

As I write, there are just 2 tickets remaining, so grab yours now and we look forward to seeing you there.   

If you can't attend, you can follow the camp on twitter @DrupalYorkshire and using the hashtag #DCY2014 


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