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The destination was Dublin, a place I had been before. The event was Drupalcon which would be my first visit to such an event and I was excited and nervous about attending.

Excited because it was new and there would be lots to learn, new people to meet and of course some Guinness to drink. Nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, you hear tales of past Drupalcon’s and the type of event it is with lots of technical people talking PHP, Git, Drush, caching, Kanban, Watergile etc etc.

Having attended many conferences, camps etc in the past to walk into the Key Note and have over 1000 people sat there, the Apple logo glowing like stars on Macbooks with the occasional Windows machine and a group of Drupal enthusiasts on stage singing just made me feel relaxed and welcomed into a community.

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The following days were filled with meeting new people both Drupal evangelists and Drupal clients and talking all things Drupal. What amazed me was how open and friendly people were, talking to competitors, developers and project managers there was just an overwhelming feeling of openness and friendliness.

The array of seminars taking place each day was overwhelming and finding the ones you wanted to attend was a task in itself but after finally setting my agenda off I went into the world of Drupal Project Management. After many presentations by some excellent people the information was slowly sinking in and hearing how different project managers work with their development teams, that they encounter the same issues and have the same concerns was comforting that I wasn't alone in this situation.

I have come away from Drupalcon with a greater understanding of Drupal project management, it’s sometimes complex methodologies, some new terminology which I am yet to find in any dictionary, some ideas to implement in the way I work and an appreciation of what the Drupal developer has to do for the ever demanding project manager.

I always judge a conference by a few questions I ask myself:

Did I gain something from attending?

Was my time well spent while there?

Were the presentations relevant?

Was it fun?

Was there beer and food?

Well I can say it’s a yes to all the above and I am looking forward to attending many more Drupalcon’s meeting the people I met this year and meeting new people. Before attending I was told it’s a community and it certainly is and like any community there are many different characters and personalities that make up the Drupal community.

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As we wait patiently for Drupalcon 2017 in Vienna we can watch some of the highlights I went to during my time in Dublin:

Intuitive Project Management

Why Estimates Go Wrong and How to Avoid This

Using Scrum Agile in Remote Development


Ben N

Client Account Manager

With over 15 years in sales and customer care across networking, telecoms, software, security and professional services and having managed many multi year large corporate contracts including project management, scoping and resourcing of the projects I am the key client contact at Ixis.

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