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Since getting a pool table last year we've probably spent more time than we should have done brushing up on our pool skills. If you fancy a whipping game of pool at Drupalcon give us a shout and if we (somehow) manage to lose we'll get the beers in! (** offer limited to 3 beers per person, just incase ;)

The current choice of location looks to be The Australian bar but if anyone knows better let us know. It's also a chance to celebrate Ixis' 6th birthday (albeit one week late) on the 23rd August.

For pre-banter on twitter follow our resident pool sharks Chris Mark and Michael

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Chris H

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wow then its a good thing that the fooBAR have 4 pool tables ;)

Let me know what you need from the CPH group :)


Awesomesauce, this is going to cost Ixis a few quid :)


Yeah I'm up for that. An excellent idea. I'm the guy who single-handedly took out the entire Economist contingent at pool for DrupalCon Paris, which had nothing at all to do with them having had a few beers. ;)

Chris Cohen

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