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If you're actually wondering what #027AC6 is, it's the colour hex code for a certain shade of blue, that of the open source framework Drupal. 2009 was a great year for us, with Drupal now accounting for over 75% of our revenue.

Here are some of our Drupal highlights for 2009:

January & February saw a great start to our in-house Drupal project Quizible, which had gained coverage on Techcrunch and a huge user base over the Christmas holidays. The project grew in popularity throughout the year with an international user base of quiz lovers which is now approaching 20,000 registered users. The platform has been used in education, marketing and by the HR department at the games development company Codemasters.

In March we won the renewal of a six figure contract with the British Council providing Drupal hosting, support & development. The combination of Drupal sites at this point was exceeding one million uniques per month, with larger sites to be migrated to Drupal later in the year.

March saw the launch of the online IATEFL conference. The venue in Cardiff had 4000 attendees and many thousands more joining online from around the world. The site attracted heavy interaction with the community and social media. The site has since been nominated for an e-Government National Award, and plans are already underway for the 2010 site.

In April we finally found time to re-launch the Ixis site with a fresh clean face lift and a much improved structure to our Drupal services & portfolio sections, as well as the new addition of our blog.

May gave us a chance to do our bit with more charities who have adopted Drupal as their web platform. We provided development support and hosting of some new sites, as well as assisting with the migration from an unreliable hosting company to our Rackspace infrastructure.

June saw the first DrupalCamp in the UK which we assisted with by getting a bucket load of books, building parts of the site and had some Drupal stress balls made up which went down a storm (we even got a mention from Dries himself, the creator of Drupal ;) (hat tip to the guys at Menus & Blocks for being the driving force behind this event)

The rain of August was a time for a number of staff members to take a break from the busy schedule and go abroad, but we still found time to undertake a project in a new area for Ixis! Virtual Learning Environments, which involved the integration of Drupal 5, Ubercart, and Moodle. Allowing the purchase of an online training package and exam, for the UK Nuclear industry.

September saw the completion of a research hub website for the Health Sciences centre at Kings College London. The Drupal 6 site provided a private community for the internal and external organisations involved, as well as public information about the work being done.

In October we became an Acquia partner strengthening our enterprise support and providing new services such as Acquia search

Real Time Race launched in November and were featured quickly on the international TV Show BBC click, along with coverage on the BBC homepage generating 6000+ registered users in 3 days.

December was busy right up until we finished for Christmas with the launch of new sites such as Parent Channel and site design refresh and content migration for Better Regulation.

We're extremely happy to have seen growth in the current climate and with a UK recession and hope it continues into 2010. After finally moving offices (mostly to accommodate the new pool table) we've got new staff starting in January to further increase our capacity. We'd like to say a big thanks to the Drupal community, especially in the UK to whom we've outsourced work to and from during the year.

Happy New Year from Ixis IT!

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Happy to hear you guys had a great year. Keep up the good work.

Dries Buytaert

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