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Content is and always has been one of, if not the biggest factor about your website and its power on a search engine, so it only makes sense that your blog is completely vital to that too, right? Content is extremely important to SEO in terms of how important a spider bots views you to be when it indexes your pages. But, it’s also a huge necessity when it comes to engaging with your audience. Nobody wants to read a boring blog post packed with things like “then you do this and then you do that and then the spider will do this” it just isn’t engaging for your reader, and it’s going to seriously increase your bounce rate.

“So how can I improve my content?” I hear you ask.

You needn’t look any further; here are 4 great ways that are usually looked over, but can massively help boost not only your ranking but your audience’s interest too.

Opinion Posts and Taking Sides

With the rise of social media, opinions are everywhere. Everyone has one and there’s never a situation where everyone is in agreement. These kinds of posts are all about debate and striking up a conversation about it with those who read the post. Sometimes though, even if you don’t agree with it… It’s better to go with the unpopular opinion to generate more interest.

This may sound like a risk to you, but it’s only a risk if you go all in guns blazing because after that it’s very hard to retract what you said. Even if it’s deleted, it’s still been read and people know your take on things. The best way to go about it is to debate it, explain to your reader WHY that opinion is still relevant and can still be accepted. If you can be one of the few sources of information that views it in such a way, then you’re driving plenty of traffic to your site too. People are going to want to see what all the fuss is about, so if you deliver information intelligently and reasonably then you may even make people stick around to see what else you come up with.

In short, the more challenging you can be the more interest it can create. So long as you do it in a respectful way.

Q&A sessions

These can be absolutely amazing for your company, if done correctly. The best way to do a Q&A is in real time, people love interactive things and so a live session is perfect to create some engagement. Plus, if it generates enough interest and remains to be evergreen content then people can even come back to it and remind themselves of the things you covered. Being a source of information in your market is essential to growth because if people know they can come to you as a leading mind, why would they need to go elsewhere?

It’s a little more extreme than the posts you would go for, but this article about American Police Officers caused a lot of controversy and debate, and currently has over 8,000 comments on the post with plenty of shares. The writer didn’t need to go round saying who was the side that was in the wrong either, he was fair and even in his comments. Even though you’re not the Washington post, if you cause a little debate then people will get interested.

Something that’s become ever increasing is Q&A sessions on social media platforms, such as Twitter. It’s really easy with Twitter as it’s so instant; it feels like a conversation because you can reply back within seconds. That connection between you and your audience will cause a lot of traffic amongst your Twitter account, as the further into the session you get the more people are going to start taking notice. For example, the Deadpool movie that’s coming out recently did a Q&A session and whilst it didn’t really follow the business side of it, it did end up trending worldwide. As long as you do it in an engaging way, then you should see benefits.


Whilst it’s not written content, videos can be even better than written content. They have a power that written content doesn’t, it can attract lazy people. Now I don’t mean to insult anyone with that, but lets be honest.. Not that not many people enjoy reading all that much. It’s a lot easier for them to sit back and just let someone speak to them about it, capitalise on this by creating your own informative but simple guides on subjects you think you’re an expert in. A common misconception for why people don’t do this enough is because they think their subjects are too boring for video, well, they’re wrong. No subject is too boring as long as you’re enthusiastic enough and creative about how you display the information. Plus, on the Internet there’s always a market of people who will take an interest in it, otherwise it wouldn’t even exist.

Moz do an incredible video series with weekly posts called Whiteboard Friday, where they basically take a subject, usually to do with SEO but it can vary sometimes, and they talk about it. But they don’t just talk in a dreary way; they have a whiteboard that they illustrate on as they go along to give you a visual as well as auditory version of what’s going on. It works really well and gets them plenty of engagement; it can work for you too as long as you’re willing to put the effort in.

Round Ups

How annoying is it when you’re on one article and then you need to go through countless more to get up to date with things?

The answer is VERY.

It’s very, very annoying. Nobody enjoys it and this is where you can take advantage of that. If nobody enjoys it, why don’t you make it so people can find it all in one place and finally be free from navigating page after page to find all the information they need. This can even be a separate thing on your website, where it’s just a simple list of events related to your industry that have happened over the past week with links to the article and then the next article is underneath. People will love the ease of it and keep visiting your website.

The only problem that could come of it is that people may not travel your website, but that can be fixed easily. Give enticing links to your blog on the side bar, interesting headlines will attract people to stay on your website. Look at how newspapers do it, the sports section has a round-up of Football transfer news and on the sidebar there are stories that entice people to stay. If you can word it right, this can be issue free and reward packed.

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