How to retain Volunteers: Power of the digital age!

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The internet is filled with amazing ways to connect with people and find volunteers. 

You can engage with them online and promote your work on a platform for millions to see. You can advertise when you have a volunteer role you need to fill or when you just need some help from someone willing to give a small amount of time.

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Using websites dedicated to advertising jobs and volunteering positions will help you to find volunteers that match your charity’s needs just like any other job advert would. Two brilliant sites specifically for volunteers are:

  • VolunteerMatch allows organisations to post volunteer positions and volunteers to search for events in their area.
  • VolunteerHub is volunteer management software that helps organizations recruit and manage volunteers.

For other simple websites to help you recruit volunteers, you can add job posts to Indeed for free just like any job advert.

Don't forget to use your own website to promote any roles you need filling too. If your website doesn't have the capability for a vacancy or volunteer area, use a blog post to talk about who you are, what you exist to achieve and what kind of person you need help from. You should be able to add a PDF job or person specification if they're needed.

You can then promote this blog or vacancy onto your social media with a link back to your own website.

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Linkedin, in particular, allows organisations to post volunteer descriptions and accept CV’s from interested candidates in their post a job area. 

With Facebook, you can advertise events and invite people to come down and see what you’re all about. 

Similarly, Twitter you can ask for help or link-ups and Instagram allows a business to show a more human side to themselves with behind the scene pictures, IGTV videos and quite literally puts a face to who they are!

Throughout all four platforms, you can use hashtags which are all searchable in their own right.

This way, people can specifically search for your charity, volunteering opportunities or hashtags relevant to your cause and find you and the topics you're talking about.

Hashtags may include #donation #fundraising #volunteers etc.

Hashtag plan

Once they've found you, follow you, comment on your posts, share them with someone who may be interested or send you an eager dm (direct message) request! 

Using social channels you can promote your organisation’s missions, targets and culture to connect with the right people who fit your organisation. It’s a place to find people who are of the same mindset as you and your charity to help you grow!

Developing a well-planned social media strategy will help you achieve this.

Here are a few social media tips that could really make a difference:

  • Emotive, connectable, relatable - Draw in readers with a desire to help and make a difference will help you gain volunteers that will stay until you have achieved your goals!
  • Storytelling -  Tell a story on how the volunteers are a huge part of making a difference, it will encourage more people to stay and help you continue to achieve
  • Thank you’s - appreciate the help you receive, share your gratitude to everyone and the milestones you have been able to reach as an organisation. 
  • Share, Like, Comment - Get your volunteers to share content online and boost your own platforms to grow the interactions and visitors to your pages will hugely help your non-profit business.

Looking for ways to improve your charity social media channels? Check out our 5 tips to increase engagement.

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