Is the IT industry ageist?

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Friday's Channel 4 news featured an item on how the IT industry is discriminating against older workers preferring to select younger workers rather than training current staff.

Research shows that there are 105,000 vacancies in ICT with only 30,000 computer science graduates recorded in 2009/2010 meaning that it will take some time to train up new staff to fill the gap. However, companies still see older workers as a chore and unable to learn new skills.

Here at Ixis, we find that many agencies outsource IT requirements abroad which also strangles the employment market and demand for skilled IT staff in the UK. Along with many open source agencies, the main challenge and barrier to growth is finding, recruiting and retaining skilled staff.

The beauty of open source, and in particular Drupal is that people can use their existing skills and “self-teach” new coding methods and platforms. The Drupal community is made up of thousands of developers and sys admins who contribute code, offer peer to peer support and learning, meaning that there are no barriers to learning new and valuable skills.

Here at Ixis we would encourage any IT professionals to look to open source frameworks and access forums such as to find out more.

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