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We have agreed and completed an acquisition of fellow UK North West based Drupal agency Leafish.

This latest move marks the culmination of a significant 12 months for Ixis, which has been appointed to the UK government’s G-Cloud I and II procurement programmes and secured significant contracts with the British Council and charities VSO and International Alert.

The deal will see Leafish directors Paul Byrne and Dylan Sides join the company as part of the acquisition to expand our Drupal hosting & development skillset with their combined experience of over 16 years dedicated to Drupal.

Dylan will be heading up our Drupal hosting infrastructure & QA process whilst Paul will be involved in the Drupal support, development and project management areas along with the rest of the team.

Paul Byrne, Leafish director, said:

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Ixis and their clients. After a successful eight years developing and hosting websites at Leafish, we are keen to meet this new challenge and bring our business and experience to a new environment."

They can be found on the twitters @pfaocle and @leafish_dylan - where their opinions are their own.

We are confident that the strengthened business can educate organisations about the benefits of adopting Drupal compared to proprietary models and become the provider of choice across a range of sectors.

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