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As a business which puts people at the front of everything we do, we believe it’s imperative to extend this way of working into all aspects of our business. Recently, we have had the opportunity to broaden our ethos through supporting a number of local communities who needed help from businesses to enable them to achieve their goals.

One of these local communities is Warrington Youth Club who were in need of new computers to continue their fantastic work of inspiring young people to achieve. Their computers were outdated and meant that many young people were struggling to keep on top of their IT skills or complete tasks that required the use of a computer and internet.

Following our recent business acquisition, we were able to donate two computers that we no longer needed to support young people in Warrington 

Through the kind donation of the two computers, we have been able to replace our very old and outdated computers allowing young people to be able to access the internet who might not have the opportunity at home. With the cost of new computers we would not be able to offer this provision without the generosity of local businesses.

photo of Leon Carroll
Leon Carroll
General Manager at Warrington Youth Club
Warrington Youth Club

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