Ixis shortlisted for Cloud Excellence Award 2019

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Ixis are thrilled to be shortlisted for a Cloud Excellence Award in the Best Cloud Development Platform of the Year category. It's always an honour for our team to be recognised for their hard work.

Our shortlist is for our Platform as a Service (PaaS) system, DropHosting. which uses innovative container and cloud technology to create lightweight, disposable environments that developers can use to test their changes and receive rapid feedback from the client without blocking the release pipeline. The creation of these environments is fully automated, mapped directly to the relevant feature branch in the source code repository, and mirrors the live database and file assets upon creation.

The DropHosting platform is designed to be resilient to hardware and software failures. This is achieved by taking advantage of cloud computing to provide automated, scalable, and cost-efficient redundancy to all components of the solution.Clients with a busy workflow are the ideal candidate for our cloud platform.

Ixis Cloud Excellence Award Shortlist

As a rapidly expanding global software company, we constantly have multiple development projects running simultaneously. The DropHosting solution implemented for our Customer and Partner Portal has been critical in providing the agility and flexibility we need for a seamless software lifecycle flow

Jon Whyman
Project Manager at Blue Prism


However, the biggest user by far is the Ixis Support team.  DropHosting has revolutionised their approach to change and release management for hundreds of client sites, simplifying an often fraught process before.

Some of the benefits and features can be summarised as:

  • Any number of developments can run simultaneously
  • Clients to develop and run their applications without the complexity of building and maintaining their own infrastructure. 
  • Speeds up feature development by allowing developers to clone their live website in to its own environment and to develop and test against that cloned, isolated environment.  
  • Quick recovery from disaster situation
  • Disaster recovery built in and automated
  • Completely scalable
  • Cost effective

The future of DropHosting is already underway. Some of the components making up DropHosting are going to be changed and we will see it permeate through our Support and Development teams providing one feature rich and consistent process for the development and release of code change.

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