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Recently, Ixis donated Barry, their Operations Director to Orford Youth Base in Warrington for a day, to conduct mock employment interviews with the current #Lifegoals cohort. The mock interviews served as the perfect preparation NEET (Not in education, employment or training) individuals need to take to achieve their next step into a job, an apprenticeship or possibly further education.

The #Lifegoals project assists young people making the transition between education and work by providing them with the skills and experience they need to move onto the next stage in their personal development, whether that is work or further education.

Having done voluntary work in the past for the youth offending scheme, I know how difficult it can be for young people in today's world. This was an opportunity to pass on my own experiences to these promising young individuals and I hope it can serve them well in the future.

Barry Standen
Barry Standen
Operations Director - Ixis IT

Whilst there were a few nerves to begin with, Barry commented on the interviewee’s ability to quickly adapt to the challenges faced and the fact that they conducted themselves in a professional manner. However, Barry was keen to point out that a person’s social media presence must be just as professional. Potential employers often look at a potential employee’s profiles for due diligence, and Barry made sure to ask whether the interviewee’s personal social media profiles contained anything they might not want their future employers to see. It is easy to think that we can separate our personal and professional lives online, but in an increasingly digital world this is becoming more difficult, and it stands to reason to believe that if you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see everything on your profile, then it probably shouldn’t be on there when applying for a job.

You can find more information on #Lifegoals on Warrington councils website.

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