Ixis turns 14: But where will we be in another 14 years?

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Today’s the day, Ixis has turned 14 and unlike most teenagers, we are more than happy to share the news with you. Now usually when on our Birthday we like to look back at everything we’ve achieved over the years and how the digital world has developed since our early beginnings back in 2004. However, this year we thought we would flip the usual format on its head and asked our staff where they think the digital world will be in 14 years time. As you would expect the answers varied from the sensible, to the silly and then we had some unbelievably crazy ideas (we are looking at you Michael) that have had us all worried for the future. Anyway, let’s get into it, here are our ideas as to where digital technology will be in another 14 years time...

"Driverless cars will be commercially available by then and will have the same capabilities as our current vehicles"

Michael Austin


"As frontend javascript frameworks and Docker continue to gain traction, decentralised microservices will provide exceptional improvements in areas of speed, security and reliability never seen before"

Josh Woods


"Thanks to developments made by companies such as SpaceX, we will have expanded further into Space than we ever have before"

Andrew Ashcroft


"Digital will be a lot more inclusive, over 50s who have traditionally been a small portion of the market will now be key to a company's success in digital"

Drew Jones


"We will be living in a world similar to the one described in Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother is watching you!"

Viktor Tamas


"There will be a breakthrough in the science of downloading your consciousness to the web and we will be one step closer to immortality"

Ben Newton


“We will be living in a Mad Max Dystopia thanks to a few of our world leaders *cough* Trump *cough*”

Drew Jones


“AI will be more frequent in our everyday lives. It will also be interesting to see whether or not VR really takes off and just how much it develops over that time”

Dylan Sides


“We will have grown tired with the slow and archaic 5g, the shiny new 6g will have arrived and it will be glorious"

Andrew Ashcroft

These are just a few of the many ideas Ixis came up worried. If we told you them all, you would be here forever and possibly scared for the future of the human race. Got any of your own ideas? Leave your comments and suggestions below and who knows, one of us could be right (maybe there has been a breakthrough in time travel so you thought you would come and leave a comment on an Ixis blog post).

Finally, We’ve been at the coalface of development for 14 years and in the world of web development, 14 years is a pretty long time. However, it’s experience we are proud to be able to pass on our clients - for many more years to come!

It is safe to say we are growing up, we continue to work with bigger partnerships and enterprise clients who appreciate and depend on our services; clients we’d never have envisaged working with back when we began. Hopefully, we will see more as we look to grow the team in the years ahead.

An exciting time to celebrate - Happy Birthday Ixis!

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