Ixis Wins Contract to Support 8 of Allied Milling & Baking’s Websites

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Ixis has been appointed by Allied Milling & Baking, the companies behind Kingsmill and Allinson’s bread, to support a number of their websites for 3 years as part of its IT growth plan.

Allied Milling & Baking is currently using a medley of platforms including WordPress, Laravel and Umbraco. The plan looks to consolidate the technology to create stability and growth across its brands.

As many of the websites are built on different platforms, Ixis will create robust processes through the consolidation to proactively support the websites focusing on keeping them secure.

The appointment of Ixis will help Allied Milling & Baking maintain their consumer and corporate websites quickly and issue-free with a guaranteed service and response time from the dedicated support team.

Mike Carter, Managing Director at Ixis said: “We’re looking forward to working with Allied Milling & Baking. We often see the challenge for large multi-brand organisations is to manage a diverse website portfolio. Appointing Ixis means Allied Milling & Baking will benefit from our dedicated service desk, using our reliable processes enabling issues to be fixed quicker and marketing to launch campaigns faster.”

Dennis Neal of Allied Milling & Baking stated that “This is a very important part of the strategy for future support of specialist areas of IT, where engagement of specialist skills providers, who work with us to secure our platforms and ensure availability is an important step.”

If you have a portfolio of websites that is preventing you from your long term strategy, contact our team to find out how we can support them and free you of the day-to-day maintenance of a multi-site setup.

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