Keeping your website running and secure over the Christmas Period

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Your website being down is a problem any time of the year, but none more so than during the Christmas period. Reduced staffing due to annual leave and bank holidays means that in the unfortunate event that your website is unavailable it can become a greater issue.

Despite the holidays and the usual calming down of internal activity on websites, the Christmas period can still be an incredibly busy period for your visitors.  For e-commerce websites the sales start, people feel generous giving to charities and then if the weather changes and havoc break lose everyone flocks to their local council website for updates on roads, travel and services.

On top of all this, you have attackers, those who would seek to disrupt your site during the Christmas period.  It may be someone looking to compromise your website to gain access, or someone looking to prevent visitors from accessing your website.

That’s why with Ixis managed hosting and Sucuri you can be confident that your websites will be available. With built in protection from denial of service (DDoS), brute force password attacks and vulnerability exploitation, our highly performant hosting protected by Sucuri ensures that visitors see your site and the bad guys are kept away.

Keeping your site as secure as possible whilst you're off duty during the holidays is still important. As a website administrator consider the following actions:

  • Use multi factor authentication on your site login. Consider the TFA module for Drupal 7 & 8
  • Ensure all user passwords are strong and rotated frequently (a minimum of every 90 days). The Password Policy module helps force your users
  • Audit all users accounts with admin permissions
  • Drupal 7 sites can have their password weakness checked using the Drush command Drop The Ripper if you’re feeling technically capable. Or ask our Drupal Support team to run it on your behalf

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