Last Month in Drupal - April 2018

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April provided plenty of news and updates in the Drupal world and here we take a look at all the best bits from the previous month.


There were a number of Drupal security announcement throughout April, including a remote code execution vulnerability and CKEditor, a third-party JavaScript library included in Drupal core, has fixed a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. Solutions and patches have all since been released along with examples of how to take advantage of vulnerable out of date sites - reinforcing the importance of regular security updates and a proactive Drupal support service.


Drupal is actively seeking out members of the Drupal community to help with a number of different initiatives to help shape the future of Drupal 8. There are a number of different core team meetings that you can actively get involved in so be sure to check them out and get involved.


April saw the long awaited Drupalcon Nashville take place and the event was very well received. The highlight as is usually the case with Drupalcon being Driesnote, Drupal founder Dries Buytaert’s keynote speech. This year he talked us through the future of Drupal, including existing opportunities in the market and what Drupal is doing to boost the growth of the platform. He also took the chance to highlight the core principles of Drupal and how the values we pride ourselves on can have a lasting impact on our world. Along with another 2 keynote speeches and over 150 different sessions, there was a lot to take in during this year's Drupalcon and you can catch up on what you missed out on, on the Drupalcon Nashville website.

Drupal Europe, this years community led deputy to Europe's Drupalcon, provided more information on what the program for the event will look like. Get your tickets soon as the price will soon be rising as the early bird tickets go off sale on 14th May. Tickets for the event can be found on the DrupalEurope website.

New Modules

New modules, updates and projects were of course released throughout April, the pick of the bunch includes:

That is everything for April’s edition of Last month in Drupal. Be sure to keep an eye out for next months blog post where we discuss all the important goings on in the world of Drupal in May.

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