Last Month in Drupal - December 2017

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December not only brought us the festive season but also plenty of goings on in the Drupal world.


DrupalCon was provided with some exciting news when it was announced the DrupalCon licensing initiative in the European region. The license is being implemented to allow for greater flexibility in creative direction whilst furthering Drupals values and the integrity of DrupalCon. DrupalCamp London took submissions for sessions at their next camp in early March, they received 95 submissions in total over a variety of different topics. Also, Drupal Europe, the community run event that will be taking the place of DrupalCon Europe for 2018, announced it is currently in the process of finalising details with the venue for 2018. They hope to announce the exact dates and location in early January, you can follow them on twitter @DrupalEurope to stay updated.


Sadly December provided us with the news that has moved away from Drupal and over to Wordpress in a CMS shift. The website has been powered by Drupal since 2009 when the Obama administration made the decision to move the website to an open-source CMS. In what has become commonplace in 2017 we see another (albeit we are rather biased) disappointing decision by the Trump administration.


There was an update on the Developer tooling initiative for The push to improve’s developer tools is welcome and can only serve to improve the broader effort to broaden the reach of Drupal to a wider audience of Developers.

December also brought the release of PHP 7.2.0. PHP 7.2.0 comes with plenty of new feature and updates including:

Drupal 8.5 will be released on March 7th with support for PHP 7.2 - until then avoid.

New Modules

New modules, updates and projects were of course released throughout December, the pick of the bunch includes:

That’s all for December’s Drupal roundup and with it, we see 2017 brought to an end. We look forward to all things Drupal in 2018 and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

Missed our November roundup? Check it out to see what you missed in Drupal during the month of November.

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