Last Month in Drupal - February 2018

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February has been and gone so here we take a look back at all the best bits of news that have hit the Drupal community over the last month.


February saw Drupal patch multiple vulnerabilities to the CMS platform, some of these deemed critical. These vulnerabilities impacted both Drupal 7 and 8. The two critical issues included a problem on Drupal 8 which permitted users with permission to post comments to view content they should not have had access to and also an issue for both versions which saw an incomplete JavaScript function which did not correctly deal with the input of malicious code and HTML.

Drupal 8.5.0 brings new features, including the long awaited layout building system built into core. In a similar way to the Panels module, you can pick a layout per page and then populate content per panel pane. OSTraining have produced a comprehensive round up of this and all the other key features of Drupal 8.5 - just in time for its release on March 7th.

Drupal Commerce 2.0 was successfully released, check out Commerce Kickstart to make getting started with Drupal Commerce on Drupal 8 quick and easy. If you would prefer to check out all the new features before using it yourself you can do thanks to the guys at Acro Media using the Demo website they built.

React is a popular front-end technology and using it to consume Drupal 8 content in a decoupled Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) system demonstrates the flexibility and power of Drupal's capabilities. The Lullabot Education crew have distilled their learning into a great resource at


There was an update to the DrupalCon code of conduct. The draft has been reviewed by Drupal Association staff, Drupal Community members and the Drupal Association Lawyers and as a result is ready in time to be applied to the upcoming DrupalCon Nashville.


Drupal Europe announced your first chance to purchase tickets to attend this year's event. A limited amount of Early Supporter Tickets have gone up for sale at a discounted price, however, they are quantity and time limited so be sure to move fast before they all sell out. Another Drupal Europe point worth mentioning is that Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, recently announced that he will be attending the event and it looks very likely that he will be hosting his own session discussing Drupal. This is increasingly looking like an event not to be missed which is a testament to the fantastic work the team behind the event have put in to organise everything.

New Modules

New modules, updates and projects were of course released throughout February, the pick of the bunch includes:

That is everything for February’s Drupal roundup. We look forward to next months roundup where we will talk about DrupalCamp London amongst other Drupal topics that will crop up during March.

Missed our January roundup? Be sure to check it out to see what you missed during the month of January.

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