Last Month in Drupal - November 2017

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November saw the Drupal Association bring us the Q2 2017 Financial state summary. We were provided with an update as to what is new on, this included information regarding the community page being given its own place to live, it has now been given a proper section with its own blog. November saw the announcement that Francesco Placella accepted the invitation to become a Drupal 8 provisional framework manager and Rachel Lawson appointed as the projects Community Liaison.

The Drupal community was certainly busy in November, as DrupalCon Europe is taking a break in 2018, the community decided to plan its own event, Drupal Europe. They recently announced on Twitter that the venue for next years event will be announced in December so be sure to keep a lookout for that. Opening up this month was registration for DrupalCon Nashville, so whilst Europe may be taking a break for a year, it’s good to see DrupalCon is still going strong in the USA.

This month’s Drupal membership campaign is celebrating the way we in the Drupal community build such community on the home of the Drupal project. If you want to hear more from Drupal all you need to do is join the campaign today.

New modules, updates and projects were of course released throughout November, the pick of the bunch includes:


Big Pipes, Faster Drupal

From Drupal 8.5 the BigPipe tech is going to be enabled by default - resulting in faster page rendering thanks to Facebook's rendering strategy to significantly improve perceived performance with dynamic, personalized, or otherwise uncacheable content. Great for membership portals, commerce and generally sites with logging in users.

November was clearly a busy time in the always ever growing world of Drupal, and with December set to be just as busy we hope you can join us next month for another round up of all things Drupal.


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