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On the lead up to Drupalcon Paris in September two insane Drupal developers from the UK are planning to make the 300K journey from London to Paris through the power of pedals.

Chris Maiden of North West based Menus & Blocks will be making the trek to Paris on his Brompton, a bike that folds to the size of a large carrier bag, has 16" wheels and only 3 gears.

Although it's a lot of fun (maybe!), they're hoping to raise at least £1000 for the Meningitis Trust, it's going to be quite a challenge and your donations to help fuel the pedaling power!

You can keep up with the plans, and trip, by following the hash-tag #tourdedrupal on twitter, or via good old RSS Visit http://www.justgiving.com/le-tour-de-drupal to leave a donation and message for Chris.

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Chris H

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Malformed link tag in the first sentence.


Might you be interested in a snazzy jersey for your ride? I just got a shipment of some new ones for Drupalcon.

Matt Cheney

All the best guys! Love the determination, hope you guys reach your feat! Being a cycling enthusiastic myself, I would definitely be vouching for you guys! All the Best! Cheers!!


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