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The second Manchester Digital Talent Day was held at Manchester prestigious town hall and was followed by a Digital Skills Summit, breaking down barriers between employers and the education sector.

Manchester Digital (MD) is the independent trade association for the thriving digital sector in the North West and are responsible for creating campaigns and events that ensure new talent stays in the region post-university.

As many of you will know from our incessant #MDTalentDay tweeting, Ixis A-Team Steph H and myself spent the day talking to the North West’s finest aspiring digital gurus and were very impressed to meet the tech savvy first and second year students already thinking about life after university.

We met some shiny faced PHP enthusiasts and students, some of whom had basic knowledge of Drupal and there were a wide range of students looking for summer placements and others were coming to the end of their third year and looking for permanent jobs.

Students this year seemed much more prepared and ready to engage with employers and to be honest, we were ready to engage this year too.

From the students who attended, over 25% were developers looking for roles and we received tons of interest on the day and are hopeful that we will be adding to our team very soon.

MD undertook a Skills Summit Survey with North West digital businesses and found the following:

  • Development roles are the most difficult to fill – 70% of companies agreed
  • Digital Agencies are looking to fill roles in these growing areas– Development, Mobile (Development) Project and Account Management, Strategy / Planning / UX
  • 40% of regional companies have had to turn work away due to inability to find the right talent

Here at Ixis, we couldn't agree more, and we are delighted to support events that bridge the gap between students and employers. Thanks to Katie Gallagher @katiegallagher and the team for another fabulous 2 day event.

If you are interested in a career at Ixis. 


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