Nuclear Skills Academy moves to Drupal 7 & Commerce

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The Nuclear Skills Academy corporate website has grown over the years in to a commerce platform supporting their industry certification alongside their service and corporate information. 

As their virtual learning service has expanded Ixis were briefed to create a more flexible and improved foundation for the Nuclear Skills Academy web platform.

We decided on a combination of Drupal 7 and the Commerce project to re-create the site on.

The original site was based on Drupal 5 and Ubercart for the commerce transactions - along with organic groups with a lot of content and users. The virtual learning was and still is based on the Moodle system which is tightly integrated in to Drupal and Commerce with some custom integration modules.

The project involved a great deal of content and user migration along with discovering many gaps in the Drupal Commerce project. It was the first time we'd undertaken a Drupal 5 straight to Drupal 7 upgrade on a large site and it became apparent that the contributed modules can leave holes in the upgrade process which had to be manually filled with custom migration scripts.

The outcome was a vastly improved content administration environment for the Nuclear web editing team and a neatly integrated commerce system which will enable growth in the virtual learning space.

There are clearly still areas of Commerce which need to be polished off to make it a great viable product for clients to use to the fullest, but the beauty of Drupal allows us to work on and deploy the improvements over the coming weeks and months thanks to Features.

The Nuclear Skills Academy website is the first in a series of client upgrades to Drupal 7 for Ixis.



Mike C

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17 years of Drupal development wrangling and a background in digital project architecture.


More info on the gabs would be nice to hear, though I'm guessing you're thinking of issues surrounding the on-site management of Commerce entities. If that's the case, it'll be incrementally better in 1.2 (I've made minor improvements to just about every one of our default Views) and through contrib projects like the Inline Product Form. Finally getting more eyes on Addressbook, Coupon, and Shipping, too. ; )

Would love to see your devs in the queue! Let me know if there are any patches in particular you need reviewed. : )


Hey I really like did you make that slideshow effect on the front page? What is that called? Is there a views plugin for that? I also must be dumb, I didn't see what parts of the site used commerce...



The slider uses the jQuery Kwicks plugin combined with some custom Views row templates to do the moving bits. Some transition fading was added to make it a bit smoother during transitions.

The Commerce aspects are well hidden amongst all the content. It mainly revolves around purchasing of exam places and virtual learning access (using Moodle). One example is the Exam centre selection View which plots the products on a Google Map and then shows all product options in a drop down before adding to the cart.

We also used the rough cut of the Commerce Coupon module combined with some Rules and additional fields to restrict coupons against certain product SKUs. That was getting tricky.

Mike C

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