The Online Shopping Experience – How Immersive Shopping Makes a Difference

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Have you noticed how shops have changed?

Back in the good olde days (or at least what I saw from re-runs of ‘Open All Hours’) it used to be simple. One Counter. Many Shelves. Numerous Products On Shelves. One person staring at you while you try and decide if you want pickled onions or red cabbage in a jar.

Old shopkeeper

That is off-putting, to say the least and not the most comfortable shopping environment.

Now, however, times have changed. Shopping is an experience. Take common high street stores, such as Apple stores. The environment is clean, crisp and fresh. You are not bombarded with product after product, instead, you are presented in front of you with one single example of a product free for you to experience, play with and discover…

Kid testing

Taking another example like IKEA, you don’t shop in IKEA, you browse, you immerse yourself in the products in real life settings. The products are not out of reach, behind a counter, they are in front of you, tangible.

There are certain difficulties replicating “tangibility” onto an online store. However, our experiences of online shopping is very much the “open all hours” style. Rows and rows of products, no experience but images of them on generic white backgrounds.

The question we have to ask ourselves is why hasn’t our offline shopping experience crossed over to our online shopping experience. Why can’t we make an equivalent shopping experience online?

At Ixis we are certified Shopware partners. Shopware is a revolutionary eCommerce platform which is relatively new here in the UK, however, it’s very popular over in Germany, where Shopware is based.

We wanted a platform that would combine that modern offline shopping experience and bring that into the digital world so users were no longer subjected to standardised rows of products anymore.

Shopping Worlds

This is the reason we chose Shopware who have attempted to turn the online shopping experience on its head. Allowing online stores to be built innately with the intention of an immersive shopping experience. They call it Emotive Shopping.

No more rows and rows of products, Shopware builds “Shopping Worlds” which uses media to build a story around the features of your products and products sets.

Much like high street shopping, online shopping should be as much as an experience as going walking around bricks and mortar IKEA store. That is what we at Ixis try and achieve, focussing on a journey rather than just the technical challenge of building an online store.

Dan Pala

Dan P

Digital Strategy Director

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