Open Atrium Rolls Out The Stable

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The good guys at Development Seed rolled out a rather hotly anticipated product this afternoon known as Open Atrium.

The web based intranet platform including several built in common features such as groups, projects, case tracker, per-user blogging facilities and a rather useless shoutbox facility.

Development Seed have pulled together a lot of strong Drupal components to provide some great functionality in a really quite flexible architecture. On top of the off the shelf modules such as Views and CCK, and some home grown Development Seed releases such is as Spaces and Contexts.

The core of Open Atrium extensibility is around the Features system (which is also available as a standalone Drupal 6 module if you like what you see). This provides a really nice way to deploy new features to multiple Intranet installations from a Features server.

The sugar on Open Atrium is the very slick looking theme which glues together the Drupal modules really well. Great use of icons, shading and layout helps keep the potentially large amount of content orderly and easy to navigate.

However, as with Drupal there's still a bit to work on from a usability point of view. With a few hours of setup and usage under our belt here at the office I found a number of workflow processes didn't quite gel together. Luckily a lot of it is quite easy to address, and everyone can contribute to the resolving of Open Atrium issues.

Developers will find some handy guidance on getting started with releasing their own features from the to the point, but clear, developer documentation how-to. Hopefully we'll soon see a number of common Intranet features rolling out the door from 3rd party developers.

Release 1.0-beta 1 of Open Atrium is available now for download, and we'll be using it in-house for the next few months for evaluation. If we love it, we'll promote it to our clients in the near future!


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Open Atrium Rolls Out The Stable

It's not stable release but a beta, as you also note in the last para.


Gurpartap Singh

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