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You’ve heard it before & we’ve done it again… 

Ixis have once again been successful in our application for the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework 5, finding ourselves on the list of less than 3000 other businesses for the 5th year running.

Starting the year off on yet another high, we have been accepted into the fifth iteration of the digital marketplace.

What is the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework?

This framework has been created to help public sector organisations find trusted suppliers with ease.

The marketplace lists 3000 suppliers who provide a variety of specialist digital services for government organisations to benefit from.

From these shortlisted companies, they can research, design, build, test and deliver software applications and digital services. 

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 is a framework agreement between the government and suppliers like us who provide these services:

  • Digital Outcomes: to find a team to deliver a digital outcome, such as a new integrated website, strategic delivery programme or an accessibility audit.
  • Digital Specialists: to find an individual to deliver a digital outcome, such as a data scientist or developer.
  • User Research studios: to find a physical space in which to conduct user research.
  • User Research Participants: to find users with the appropriate characteristics to test your service.

As an established supplier of technical solutions to government the framework provides an important route to the continued growth of our public sector clientbase.

Mike, MD
Mike Carter
Managing Director

What does it mean to Ixis?

Acceptance onto this framework opens up more opportunities for us to continue to work with public sector organisations and to achieve our goal of making websites about people. 

We’ve worked with a considerable number of public sector organisations over the years and provided long-standing service for them and their teams.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to be recognised in this way and to continue working with public sector clients as our 17th year of business begins!

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