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I'm currently standing for election onto the Council for Manchester Digital, the independent trade association for digital business in the North West.

I first came across the organisation back in February when Ixis attended a Skills Summit to explore some of the barriers to digital businesses engaging effectively with up and coming talent.

The wonderful Katie Gallagher encouraged me to become involved and stand for election and I am really glad I have. I am applying for a board position to become more involved in the future development, promotion and engagement of the North West digital landscape.

I am currently delivering a programme of digital engagement with business, government agencies and public sector organisations to tackle the skills shortage and talent drain in the North West and I think this is a great time to become involved in pushing forward this agenda and proving the value of Manchester talent.

I really hope to be part of the Council and help support the future landscape of the digital sector in the North West.

You can view all the candidates profiles here and voting is open to all Manchester Digital members. Voting closes on 18th July and if you havent received an e-ballot paper, get in touch with Manchester Digital. Results will be announced on Thursday 19th July at the AGM and summer barbecue.

Fingers crossed and good luck to all the candidates!

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