Simplify the tedious process of recording your Shopware store sales in Xero

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Get your online store transactions straight into Xero! Remove the hassle of having to manually enter them!

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Selling online is not easy, having a successful online store is even harder, with it often comes more admin!

So let me ask you something, how much time do you or your team spend on the boring admin and bookkeeping tasks? Probably too much right? Keep reading and I will show you what we have created to help free up your time.

Effective Use of Your Time

Managing an online store is hard, you need to prioritise tasks or you will be working 30 hours a day. So why spend that important time on something that should be and can be automated? Free yourself from editing large sets of information or just moving data from one place to another, as that doesn’t add any value and just consumes time. It won’t help you to sell more or better.

Let’s be realistic, you are probably not a large marketplace seller and don’t have that many resources so you can’t just switch on the autopilot for your store and have things working while you sip a Mojito on a beach whilst watching your bank account grow - but still there are lots of things you can do to free yourself as much as possible and focus on the important things.

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Why spend that important time on something that should be and can be automated?

What should I do then?

This is one of those things that is easy to say and hard to do, find those tasks that are keeping you really busy most of the time. I’ll give you a hand, moving orders into an accounting system like Xero. It doesn’t matter if you do it once a day, once a week or once a month, that’s time you are wasting on a task than can be easily automated.

Bear in mind that time you are spending in bookkeeping administration tasks could be well spent creating better content for your blog or improving the user experience - both really important tasks that are usually left behind due the lack of time.

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Here is the solution for you

We have developed an integration between Shopware and Xero that will automatically synchronise your Shopware sales to the Xero platform, saving you a lot of time and keeps the process simple.

Once configured using the Xero data, your sales will be pushed through a secure connection so only you and the members of your finance team can reconcile revenue with sales and tax. Simple, secure and automated, is there anything else you can ask for?

Focus on what really matters

Hope you understood how important investing your time wisely is when managing an online store and how you can automate repetitive tasks to focus on growing your business instead of just be moving data from one place to another.

The good news is, now you can exponentially grow your store orders and revenue without increasing the time you spend keeping your books clean and tidy.

Are you actually following this rule and automating your processes? We would love to hear from you what other tasks you have and willing to explore the automate of.

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