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Last week developer Josh Woods passed the Acquia D8 Back End Specialist certification. Continuing our track record of achieving high pass rates and not wanting to be outdone, Josh managed to score upwards of 80% (and even 100% in specific sections) and is on track to becoming our first certified "Grand Master".

Interestingly, the Back End Specialist topics did stray outside of what was expected: there were questions regarding Twig and we felt the exam could have asked more about Drupal 8 apis which were revised for instead of (for example) asking which HTML tag is semantically correct HTML 5.

However, the otherwise excellent Acquia certification tracks allow us to both establish the team’s expertise with general Drupal skills and specific areas, and also to push our developers into the specialist certifications and improve their skillsets.

Overall the test was more challenging than the certified developer exam and I look forward to passing the front end certification to achieve Drupal 8 Grand Master.

Josh Woods
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Here at Ixis we have access to Drupalize.me - Josh used their Back End Specialist course to prepare. He also found the following links useful:

In addition to access to Drupalize.me, Ixis provide both time away from the desk to revise and prepare and a yearly training budget which easily covers the certification exam. Josh is looking to spend the remainder of his budget completing the Drupal 8 grand master trifecta as well as improving his skills with Laravel.


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