Upgrading your Website: Finding out ‘Why’ the SMART way

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Short on time? We've created a website SMART goal worksheet to help you understand what your website needs to achieve for every department. Get it delivered straight to your inbox from our website.

Upgrading your website simply because you think “it’s time” or “there’s a newer version and we want a better website” won’t help your business grow if you don't have a clear objective.

Depending on who you ask within your business, you’ll find you get a whole variety of different objectives people want from a new website. 

We want to help you understand the various objectives that your stakeholders may want to achieve from an upgraded CMS so you can directly correlate these goals with business results. Using the SMART model, we’ll guide you to reaching departmental objectives for your new website that will ultimately make your new website (and business) destined for success!

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Building a website that means many things to many people...

A successful website can improve awareness, reduce costs, increase sales and facilitate the growth of your organisation. Interview stakeholders (these are usually your Heads of Departments), learn about their needs and how a great website could help them do a great job. We’ve added some common examples for a variety of departments that your organisation may have:

website goals by department

Be SMART....

Setting goals for your website redevelopment could be the difference between your website succeeding or failing.

Your website can’t succeed if you haven’t clearly defined a mission or purpose for its existence. The same can also be said for setting ‘vanity’ goals, they won’t help your new website succeed either. Vanity goals such as increased page views or more visitors don’t always equate to more leads and therefore aren’t successful for your business.

By using the SMART model you are able to set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals. Each area of your business will have a different website goal which will help them become a rockstar in their own right.

Those who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them.

Dr. Gail Matthews
Psychology Professor at the Dominican University in California

Our SMART goal worksheet can help you to create powerful and consistent goals across the organisation for your upgraded website. Get our SMART worksheet straight to your inbox and begin your journey to website success.

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