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If you have Twitter account for business but lack the time to try and find all your clients on there, here's a simple process that works well to give your account a kick.

Most of us should have a contact list in our mail or CRM (customer relationship manager) software that can export all client contacts to a file, or a newsletter subscriber list in which you can export the email addresses.

Twitter has a number of ways to find people and connect. The useful feature we'll use allows you to check your contacts on Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL email services using the Find Friends tool. But you're not using any of these web based email services? Doesn't matter.

Start by exporting your clients' names and email addresses to a CSV (comma separated values) file. Then, create a new Gmail account to use in the process.

When logged in to GMail, click the Contacts link on the left-hand side of the email view. Click the Import link on the top-right of the Contacts screen. Choose your freshly created CSV file and upload to GMail. Once saved, return to Twitter Find Friends tool and enter the email address and password for your new temporary Gmail account.

Twitter will process your address book and let you know which contacts have a Twitter account, enabling you to follow them all at once. Easy.


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Very helpful post, thanks - been thinking of how we can help clients better via Tiwtter, but never thought of the Gmail link you described. That's smart!

Looks like a great time-saver...

Glen "Loves Qu…

It's surprising how many little things you just don't consider when you're busy running a business on a day to day basis.

Ian F

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