Video short: What is Drupal?

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The Drupal Association Community Cultivation Grants handed out their first round of funding to produce a nice video short from the Brighton Area Drupal Association usergroup (UK).

The video gives a brief introduction to reasons people have chosen Drupal as their content management system of choice for business and pleasure.


Nice to see our little Ixis Druplicon stress balls have made it from the Croydon DrupalCon event down to Brighton!

If you're local to Brighton and fancy joining these guys each month.


Mike C

Managing Director

17 years of Drupal development wrangling and a background in digital project architecture.


Your link for Ixis Druplicon stress balls appears to be broken.
Seeing the stressball in the video made me want one too. Do you sell them?


Thanks for posting our little video - glad you liked it!

Yup, I managed to extract six of your lovely Druplicon stress balls and gave them to group members, feel fre to send more if/when you have any ;)

Steve Purkiss

Thanks for letting me know about Drupal. Interesting!!!


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