We are 8 today!

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Today we are feeling a bit grown up and sentimental as we turned 8 years old!

It's amazing to see the changes we have gone through as we grow, whilst sticking to our values. One thing that hasn't changed and remains at the core of everything we do is of course Drupal!

Just after our last Birthday we attended and sponsored DrupalCon London, which also gave us a great opportunity to throw our new business development manager Stephanie in at the deep end!

During the new year we've also increased our hosting staff by taking on Peter and Mark and our Drupal dev & support side with Paul and Ian.

We've continued to expand our work with existing clients by building new sites and substantial upgrades for Times Education and Epilepsy action. After working with different arms of the British Council for years we won the contract to host & support the Drupal infrastructure for the whole digital side.

Other highlights of the year include us being selected as a supplier to the UK government and of course our recent office move

Our client base still continues to be very diverse, with us helping everyone from banks to theme parks to animal sanctuaries!

We're now off to drink some beer and will shortly be testing our agility on Segways round the corner at Delamere forest, obviously not at the same time!

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