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Our recent team social took us to the depths of Warrington for a challenging evening of burger ordering and escaping from a locked room.


After devouring a world city burger from the airport themed burger joint Hangar 4 in Warrington we prepared for our evening challenge at ClueHQ.

Hangar 4 Burgers with the teams

We split in to two teams which were randomly selected to make it unbiased - mixing developers, service desk support and hosting minds. Each team took on a different escape room. We're not allowed to talk about what went on in the two game rooms, so you'll have to visit yourself to experience them. What we can say though was...

The Dungeon of Doom had a very low success rate of only 23 out of 194 groups so it had to be done! Tackled by Matt, Andrew, Peter and myself. The aim was to release the prisoner and escape the dungeon within 60 minutes.

The rival team consisting of Andy R, Barry, Andy C and Viktor took on the challenge of gathering as much cash as they could before escaping from The Vault. They failed, collected no money, and didn't escape with in the 60 minutes. We made sure they were shamed afterwards.

The losers at Clue HQ

So that left the Dungeon of Doom team who smashed out alive with minutes to spare - adding one more to the successful groups count!

It was great fun working together across the different parts of the rooms to get to the end goals and we all agreed it would be well worth visiting again to switch challenges over between the teams.


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