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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve retained our listing as a G-Cloud supplier, cementing the company’s position as a leading UK digital agency, with unique Drupal knowledge and expertise ready to be put to use in the public sector.

Launched by the UK Government in 2012, G-Cloud is an initiative designed to streamline the procurement of cloud technology and associated services by public sector organisations. The platform presents a digital marketplace of vendors, all of which provide their services to the public sector. Essentially, IT teams are able to browse potential suppliers with the assurance that every company listed meets UK Government standards.

The latest version of the platform, G-Cloud 9, includes a number of revisions, namely the introduction of a new ‘three lot’ structure designed to more clearly define the services available. As of the framework’s launch date (May 22nd), the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) will now classify suppliers according to three set groups: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support.

Another key change includes the provision of a more flexible maximum contract length, allowing for two separate 12 month contract extensions beyond the maximum two year limit previously associated with the framework (subject to GDS and OCTO spend approval for Central Government buyers only). This is something which could prove particularly beneficial for local authorities who budget for 2-5 year periods.

While earlier iterations of G-Cloud were designed to overlap and run in parallel, this latest version will run as a single framework (with G7 and G8 services having been removed), thus adding a further level of efficiency and quality assurance for buyers.

Ixis was one of only three Drupal specialists to be accepted on to the first iteration of G-Cloud back in 2012. Since then, we have become public sector experts and have generated over a million pounds of revenue through the framework. As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, this is something that we are incredibly proud of. We will continue to grow our business within the G-Cloud framework, and with our extensive shared capabilities we will work together to transform public sector services that benefit all via G-Cloud 9.

You can find our Drupal services in the Digital Marketplace.


Mike C

Managing Director

17 years of Drupal development wrangling and a background in digital project architecture.

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