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If you followed our social channels, you’d have seen that Dan and Roberto headed out to Malaga for the annual eZ conference!!

Dan vlogged a lot of behind the scenes over on his Instagram. If you want to see the chuckle-brother style vlogs he created, go and entertain yourself!

At the conference, Roberto took part in the ‘eZ Platform Developer Training’ programme. The training courses take place over two days and finishes with an exam and certification. 

Roberto returned from the conference with incredible news - he passed!

We now have our first certified eZ systems developer within the team!

 The eZ Platform

The eZ Platform provides developers with a content management system they can customise, extend and scale with ease. In the digital era that we live in, businesses rely on this speed and ease. 

When it comes to eZ’s Content as a Service approach, content delivery knows no bounds. Organisations can deliver content across a variety of channels, devices, apps and platforms.

It has a wide variety of features available in eCommerce, platform cloud, personalisation and connectors and add-ons.

I'm really excited about being a certified eZ Platform developer as having a strong and well-defined knowledge from the beginning will help me to be a better programmer and deliver great work
Roberto Rivera

Training at the Conference 

The training was about eZ systems concepts such as the way the components interact internally.  They learnt about the different layers and best practices when using eZ Platform for clients and also took a look at the internal configuration, how the system is managed, users, content, languages, and more.

Along with this, he also covered themes and the way they are made so each client has their own unique theme to their site. 

Taking the exam at the end of the training was to prove his understanding of what he had learnt over the two days.

Why is it important to attend training like this?

Your website is important and you want developers with the relevant skills and expertise to be working on your platform. By following best practices your platform is built to your needs and your future goals.

I love this kind of training where you get the chance to learn from other developers that have vast experience actually working with the platform and developing websites for clients.
I’m able to ask them specific questions and they’ll often have past examples they can draw on to answer.
Roberto Rivera

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